Announcement: Cherry Capital Comic Con 2021 has new dates: October 29-31, 2021

Greetings, C4 Family! Like Frodo taking the one ring to Mount Doom, our journey to the Return of the Con has been a long (looooooooooong) one. It has been fraught with peril (and comics).
Sure, the mountain pass may have been blocked.
The mines may have been a trap.
Ok, the mines were a trap.
But… we have endured. And, much like those two brave little Hobbits, we are walking barefoot across Mordor- unwavering in our quest to bring comics to the masses!
Tolkien lore aside, we have been closely watching this story unfold since the beginning of 2020, and continue to monitor a number of factors that help guide us in these decisions. They’re not arbitrary, and they’re not ideal, but they are necessary to ensure that we will be able to continue to bring C4 to all of you not just for our NEXT show, but subsequent shows thereafter- and do so safely. We want to hang out with all of you just as much as you want to come hang with us!
So, the good news- things are looking promising out there. Vaccines are becoming widely available, state and local ordinances continue to shift, and smaller events have been able to move forward with a number of safety protocols in place. We are hoping this will be the last delay, and that the world is on the path to putting Covid-19 behind us.
In other good news, our Fellowship is not broken! We have confirmed that all of our announced guests are on board with and have signed on for our new dates:
-Jay Fosgitt (Bodie Troll/Disney/Marvel)
-Angel Medina (Spawn/Spider-man)
-Bill Morrison (The Simpsons/Futurama/Disney)
-Steve Lavigne (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
-Garrett Gunn (Franklin & Ghost/Warcorns/Cold Dead Hands)
-Sean Schemmel (Voice Actor; Dragonball Z/Franklin & Ghost)
-Source Point Press
More details and more announcements as we move closer to the show! Get ready for a Spooky C4 as we invade the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa on Halloween weekend!

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